Alumni Speaks 2018

Why we choose college? For good training, exposure of industries and yes company visiting to our campus. That what is about itm Tap cell heart of our institution. Training on most updated technology enhancing our technical skills.

I always aspired to pursue my Engineering in Computer Science at ITM. And now in these past 04 years, I have realized my dream every day. I am extremely grateful to the faculty and management with whose undivided support I have been able to successfully accomplish my program in a very progressive environment. The guidance I have received at every milestone has helped me thrive in my best abilities. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to TAP cell that has been very effective and instrumental in the placement processes. It has been a fulfilling and rewarding journey at ITM which provided me a great platform to a promising career.

The journey of ITM has been a very wonderful experience . Without the support of teachers , my journey won’t be possible . And also , the Trainings conducted by TAP CELL played a major role in improving my skills and personality . So I would like to thank each and every teacher who supported me and guided me throughout these 4yrs and helped me grow . Thank You

ITM has changed my life completely. I have learnt lot of new things in this beautiful journey of 4 years. Tap cell has always been so supportive and provided the best platform to achieve my goals. I would like to thank ITM ,Tapcell and all the faculties for being the part of my success.

It’s been an amazing journey with ITM Family . ITM gave me the perfect platform where i have explored my talent and improved my skills. The faculty of ITM gave support with care and helped me throughout in my projects and internships.The Modules and Training Sessions of TAPcell helped me to get success in Placement Process,. I take this opportunity to thank all the academic and non- academic staff in providing sufficient support to my aspirations for becoming successful person both at personal and professional front.

The best part, being in ITM GOI, was to be part of Clubs and Annual techfest. These things helps you in your overall development. The most advantageous in TAP was communication training, the practical experience like Group discussion, personal interview's mock drill helped me lot in gaining confidence to face my real interviews. Numerous number of companies for placement provides every individual opportunity to face the real scenario and getting there dream Job or step towards private sector.

Alumni Speaks 2017

 Thank you ITM for providing me an opportunity to explore career opportunity at India’s one of the most reputed tech firm, Capgemini. It is the hard work of our Tap Cell which provides us opportunities and resources to ensure an appropriate start to their career.  

 It feels very special to got placement. TAPCELL is very supportive for giving guidelines and training related to placements. It was my best decision to take admission in ITM . 

I am happy and my dream came true when I got placed before the end of my final year and that was made possible by my Training and placement department and the incredibly supportive and understanding faculties of ITM. Thank you TAPCELL and ITM for making me employable .

ITM University provided me a platform to grow and develop myself and my personality. I am also thankful to our tap cell faculties who were always present there for us. 

Much more Work needs to be done regarding Placement for Civil Engineering in Their Field of Work. 

It gives me immense pleasure to pursue engineering from an institute that provides ample opportunities for each student to get placed in top IT companies. 4 years in college provided us with not only academics but also various training modules which helped us boost our confidence at each step. Thanks to all the TAP cell officials and teachers for such great guidance. These years were a golden period of my life. 

The TAP Cell has always been of great help to all of us. The trainings and the sessions were very good. The mock tests before the campus drives prepared us for the upcoming challenges and also gave us an idea. Technical trainings were of great help, especially for our projects. Soft skills training helped us with our personality enhancement and also for our interviews. I am thankful and really appreciate the efforts that were taken by the cell for our placements. I am thankful and really appreciate the efforts that were taken by the cell for our placements. 

Students should be allowed to take part in other recruitment drives too, irrespective of their selections in previously done recruitment. 

Proud to be a part of ITMGOI, getting placed in IBM is like a dream come true to me. My efforts, parent's blessings and teacher's fruitful guidance helped me achieve my goal. Tap cell has been very instrumental in my preparation. The training not just enhanced my technical skills but also developed my logical as well as communication skills. Being in ITM has been the most wonderful and memorable phase of my life.

I am very much satisfy with the opportunities given by Tap Cell to me and quite happy to see their activeness for students of ITM regarding their careers. 

My journey in ITM will always be a defining learning curve in my life. When i'll look back years from now, i would proudly say that's where it all started. My time here in the college and with the TAP cell , made me develop the skills , personality and mindset to succeed in the ever changing corporate world. I hope to make it big eventually, for myself and for my college.

my journey with ITM is Fabulous,  Awesome faculties,  ITM and TAP cell both are working very hard for placement of each and every student.

well,this is the dream of every student to get placed before the end of am commensely thankful to my college that they fulfilled my dream to get placed in infosys.Placement cell took a number of measure to ensure that student get properly placed and made best of opportunities available for us.i wish good luck to coming batches of my college. "To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant,to enact gratitude is generous and noble,but to live gratitude is to touch heaven

ITM has been an impressive journey worth to reminisce. The teachers and our faculty ( Electrical ) members has been undeniably very helpful, and guided us well throughout our graduation years. This place has given me time and consistency to work, both for my passion and studies. In the end, I cannot forget the great friends and family I have made throughout the years. Life is a journey full of experiences, and 'it' was one of them. Thanks to ITM TAP Cell for well organized boot camp and placement session.

ITM is a synonym for a place to grow.Well enriched wi-fi campus filled with lots of energy and enthusiam with  vast iNfrastructure! atmosphere is tooo cool!.Here your hardwork decides your future!!technical and cultural festivals like you never witnessed before .Innovation garage for innovative ideas to convert them into working models.A campus with nice hostels and interactive classes ,huge library,well educated and highly experienced teaching staff where ots and lots of clubs to work with and participate and win lots of prizes .Here students are a mixture from all states and even foreigners included!! " TAP Cell always help us to enhance our skills and personalities by doing various activities like bootcamp or on various coding languages.It managed to call various recruitment drives of Technical as well as NonTechnical companies.I thank TAP Cell for getting me opportunity by which i got placed in "INFOSYS". "THANK YOU TAP CELL!!!

A journey of life here in ITM is worth remembered. Great environment for students, Supportive and friendly staff. Trainings were really beneficial for campus recruitment. Thanks to entire ITM family.

The great success of life is to reach at zenith and share the scenario,An amazing feeling come across when I was placed in IBM ,ITM GOI helped me alot regarding the materials ,activites,skills whereas tapcell has strengthen  my skills of communication , Experienced industrialist that they have provided cares a lot, Training ,and today I didn't feel like a fresher any more because I am confident in my conversation ,Thanku ITM & Tapcell.

Alumni Speaks 2016

The dead fish only go with the flow' is the slogan that I got from this institutions, and is really encouraging particularly for me during my time of depression. This institution always is the source of encouragement for me and for others also and all of us get opportunities to come in contact with MNCs like IGate by the means of TAP CELL so , i am really thankful to this institution.

Proud to be an ITM ite. The environment that ITM has provided is the sole reason for my development. The training provided by the tap cell has enhanced my confidence, and my technical skills too. I am very much thankful to ITM Universe.

ITM is an institute that provides me an opportunity to make my careers in a reputed and one of the top most company. The Tap cell helps me a lot in my preparation for the campus written test. Felling great after being selected in IGATE and all credit goes to my college, my teachers ,who helped me a lot. I am one of the blessed students who started their career in college itself.

It has a great atmosphere for studies, nice & friendly behavior of staff, well trained faculties, nice platform for extra-curricular activities. ITM has one of the best infrastructure in class of other good college. It gives opportunity to all the students in making his/her future. Thankyou

ITM UNIVERSITY is a place where I nurtured my personality& my knowledge, it is a home away from home.

ITM U is one of one best know and established university in India. It gives us the best platform to learn, grow, to shine. The infrastructure and the faculty of our college is outstanding the tap cell members are very helping and motivating. The whole itm is like a family. Thank you.

ITM U with its learned faculties, rigorous training programmes, technical as well as soft skill and various platform for extra curricular activities hereby led to my all round development and by giving a dream start to my career with igate.

ITM has groomed me in numerous ways. I got the opportunity to discover and enhance my potential at every step in this university, I owe my success to ITM. I am thankful to the tap cell for my placement. I am glad I found my way to the itm family.

ITM campus are very nice and our college cells many companies so that each and every student a chance to prove himself and read a better future. We call thank you all for being so co operative and patient. Thanks for give a nice direction to our career

I consider myself very fortunate to be studied in ITM, it in definitely the best college in the state which gives me immense chance to prove myself. It has a great training and placement structure which helped me in getting placed in igate. I am always going to remember this whole itm team in my entire life.

Alumni Speaks 2010

Integer The special training sessions by HP boosted my confidence level & I could work on my weakness.

The practical sessions & tests held at regular intervals helped me to improve my performance & rectify my mistakes.

The TAP Cell has been very instrumental in my preparation. The training not just enhanced my technical skills but also developed my logical capabilities

The pre placement sessions arranged by TAP Cell greatly benefited me. Developing the basics was given priority.


The training in Quants, English & CC++ were a great help to get through the technical & written of TCS.

My training with ThinkLabs SINE IIT Mumbai done under the Aegis of TAP Cell took me through the technical rounds of TCS.

The special aptitude train & CC++ sessions arranged by TAP Cell helped me to crack the online test & technical round of TCS.

Thanks to ITM TAP Cell for the extra ordinary efforts put in to guide us on our career

The training session arranged by TAP Cell boosted the morale & confidence in me to crack the TCS campus.

Fun tips like “being yourself ”, Honesty, Integrity… prepared me for my D. Day. The efforts of TAP Cell are unforgettable

The atmosphere, the faculty, the training given by the college is excellent. Our teachers are very supportive to us. Thanks to my teachers who supported me in getting through in Accenture

ITM universe has its own charisma, one can’t resist it for long and when it comes to career they are like soldiers -all the time on toes, till operation is not successful.

Alumini Speaks 2009

ITM, for me is a place where one can grow in an overall manner. Everything about it is just learning perfectionism. Excellent infrastructure, supportive staff etc. are its assets.

ITM Gwalior is a great platform which helped me in moulding my nebulous dreams. It has everything from excellent infrastructure to quality education and amazing recreational facilities. My journey in ITM was fantabulous.

ITM, where I made friends, relationship, career and of course the unforgettable moments of life. Here I made career and established thoughts of life. ITM, the only place where I got everything and that is the most beautiful part of my life.

ITM with excellence in education, has turned me from a common student into an uncommon engineer with all possible and dexterous skills. ’m proud to be an ITMite !!!

As a ITMite, according to me ITM is the place where you can learn to make friends and also books as your friends. Where teacher is just like parents and management provide world class facilities. After passing out from here.

The child who grows with the books is better adjusted child for tomorrow, keeping this point in view library “AKSHARDHAM” provided us the environment to fourish our knowledge.

There are fve base pillars which make ITM different from other institutions. They are Ambience, Academics, Training, Placement and Co-curricular activities, which proves that ITM is better than the Best.

I always wish to relive these 4 years but as it is said, frst to meet and then to part is the saddest tale of the human heart

Think Big but take pleasure in every small accomplishments”

TM goes beyond giving us an engineering degree. It prepares us for a high-flying career as a top techno personnel.

ITM is the best place of my life, it polished the pebbles like us. I LUV ITM.

Someone truly said “The only person who is educated is one who has learned how to learn and change.” And this is what I got to learn from ITM.

Alumini Speaks 2008

“...the campus converts into reality the dreams of young minds first by igniting them...”

“...ITM gave me lot of job opportunities and supported me during preparation for selection. I am thankful for this....”

“ is important to do hard work but equally important to do it smartly and collectively. I learnt this in ITM...”

“ cannot imagine a state-of- art campus like ITM in Gwalior. When I entered the campus it was dream come true. I really had an excellent time. It was second home to me. Our stay was stupendous. This institute really teaches me how to live life and more important provide me way to face the world...”

“...ITM has given us everything we wanted right from good education, excellent seminar by speakers from eminent institutes, an amazing infrastructure, sports facilities and not to forget those lovely Rock Bands. It’s my Alma Mater!! I had loved being a part of it....”

“...four years at ITM were like a full life journey where gradually I grew from a normal schoolboy into a budding corporate intellectual...”

“ experience in ITM was awesome. The campus is very big & beautiful. The staff, teachers are very nice & supportive. It’s amazing to find such world class facilities at Gwalior...”

“ experience was awesome in this institute. All the people like management, teachers and students are very supportive. Thank you very much for involving me in this journey. My best wishes to the ITM Group & I am sure, ITM will do much better in the future....”

“...This college is not merely an institute for me. It is a Gurukul. In a small city like Gwalior this college provide us facilities comparable to Metros and gives us a platform to expose our skills. Apart from technical education, this college also focuses on campus oriented education. From 2nd year onwards, students are made to prepare to face the realities of life...”

“...ITM Universe provides everything on the platter to students, be it best of the placements, job offers, faculties who inspire to prospire, sports facilities, and other paraphernalia needed for the development of an individual persona....”

“...The four years of learning at ITM is equivalent to forty years of pragmatic life. I experienced the transformation from a boy to a man, from being mundane to skilled and from raw to processed. The faculties, administration and authorities always think from the student point of view and thus the students benefits are of utmost importance...”